The Great Ice Cream Hunt…Windsor Edition

Recently we visited Windsor Castle, which is one of the largest and working castles, quickly turned into a quest for ice cream! There is a lack of air conditioning here in the UK and when the sun is beating down outside it makes for a rather unfun situation. Thus began our ever important quest for ice cream!

The journey began down at Eton College after we relaxed in a graveyard and sadly found the college to be closed to the public eye. As we trudged back from Eton College disappointed, we looked in pubs and storefronts for the reprieve from the heat that ice cream might bring us. (Or at least it could give us a slight sugar rush to keep us on our feet) We finally found an ice cream place, but the line was infinitely long and was directly in the sun in a large crowd. If that doesn’t seem bad to you…imagine standing in a crowd where everyone is sticky with sweat, pushing to get around you, still doesn’t sound that bad? Ok, add in the fact many of these people are smoking or screaming children with exasperated parents all running on fumes in the sunny, humid weather in Windsor. If that still sounds pleasant to you, good for you as I am not that iron-willed. So on went the ‘ice cream-capades’ and we found ourselves in a McDonalds, home of the sacred golden arches. However, once again the crowd was large and there were children riding scooters, running, jumping, and screaming at all angles sooo on trudged the hunting party. We had all but given up hope when we stumbled upon a place called ‘Ice Queen’! While the line was not as short as people would like it was in the shade and appeared to be relatively cheap (score!). So we excitedly waited in line for the object of our toils for a little bit of time. We all eventually got our vanilla soft-serve in a cone with rainbow sprinkles that made us all forget that we were hot, tired, and that our feet hurt. Thankfully we were able to meander back to the buses and relax under a shaded tree basking in our successful mission to find ice cream. 

Pictured below: our delicious bounty in front of the beautiful Windsor Castle and my wonderfully dysfunctional group of fellow Rams (who are all amazing af btw)


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