The Clock is Ticking…So Stay?


Life would always give you something special when you do not have any expectation towards it, especially for me before I came to this program. I mean, it is easy for people to fly from one university to another university, but it could be extremely hard when you dwelled for three days on the bed in your home. I do not even have a chance to eat a hot pot before I headed towards London! I stayed in Hong Kong by myself for 9 hours to wait for my second flight, the sky outside turned from pure blue to orange, then red, finally black. I still remember my mood at that time—I would pay for anything that could take me back home. Now my mind totally changed, weird me.


Not first study abroad for me, even though this summer also not on my plan. I always do things that not on my to-do list. If I would say the best choice I have ever made is to decide to go to the CSU, made the decision of joining those lovely people could be recognized as a quite similar one. I am an emotional person; a tiny thing could trigger my sentiment—even things like shuttling back and forth underground; walking along the railway at 1 am with those Venneit Close people.

I learned a lot from people around me, not only during the class time but also in the daily life. I feel a mix of feeling when I realized that the Google map has already marked Venneit Close as “home”, also with the notification of “just 2 days left”.

“Please do not forget me” is always my monologue.

The end of loneliness would finally come, and the reunion is on its way.


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