LOOK AT ALL THOSE CHICKENS (AKA the best study abroad group I could’ve asked for)!!!

Everyone that I had talked to prior to coming on this trip had warned me about the period of time where the study abroad is quickly wrapping up. Where all of the people that I have met finish their projects, are busy packing and trying not to bawl their eyes out, but if you are as nostalgic as I am, you’re either not trying hard enough or you had the best study abroad you could possibly ask for and are indeed, cryin’ in da club.

This last week was certainly one of the most challenging during the entire trip. It always seems that trips like these have an ed that test what you have learned throughout the experience. During our final trip to London, I certainly learned a few things about myself: 1.) I. AM. AN INTROVERT. There, I said it! This trip has been incredible, but I am ready to have my space back where I can lock myself inside my room or lab office for days at a time and no one will know (or care) where I am, just knowing that I have no where better to be or spend my time in other more entertaining ways. 2.) Being in such an accelerated program has really strengthened my ability to critically analyze media and information in an efficient manner, while also refining my position or thought on whatever is relevant to the situation. Whether it is Shakespeare plays, museums, memes or scientific journals, I have certainly grown a lot academically during this trip. Big shout out to Aparna and a slightly smaller shout out to my tutorial professor, Dr Katie Ewer, both of you certainly have been great mentors during the last month (and change) and am forever humbled by your lessons and knowledge. Thank you. 3.) To my lovely Oxford chickens who have accompanied me during this trip. I AM SO PROUD OF EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. I certainly felt like the group mom, which is an honor with a silver lining: y’all are so intelligent and caring, but herding everyone on our adventures is like herding a litter of kittens and is IMPOSSIBLE. In all seriousness though, every single one of you deserved to be on this trip. Though I haven’t had the time to grow as close to all of you as others, I certainly feel like we all have gone through such a growing period in our lives. This program tended to be taxing, enlightening, rustically charming (thanks Bodelian) and I would never, ever, no matter what, forever change this experience for anything.

So thank you all for the boat races where we sat on the ledge of a mini castle, for the endless reserves of pimms that know no end, the countless baguettes (for they were the true casualties of our group), hours upon hours in the library working on papers, and friendships that do not have words to describe how incredibly unique these past 5 weeks have been. Thank you.

I love you all.

Sincerely yours,

Momma Cole

P.S: peep the picture of me as the momma swam charging anyone who tries to front my babies (y’all). How do the paparazzi get these pictures anyway??

P.P.S: Aparna, I am pretty sure that I forgot to post pictures for one of my other posts, but don’t know how to fix it (sorry I am so technologically unsavvy). Sooooooooo… here are too many to hopefully compensate for that utter lapse in judgement.


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