Jane Austen…Anna Austin…Pretty much the same thing.

This past weekend, we all had the absolute pleasure to go and visit Bath! It was seriously so much fun and by far my favorite little field trip that we have taken. Minus the fact that I almost genuinely puked everywhere on the bus (charming I know) we all made it to Bath together in one piece! We first got to visit the Roman Baths which was a genuinely breathtaking experience. Its so funny to me that in Bath, and pretty much all of England, you will have these beautiful, old, historic sites, and across from it there will be a new Conaco. It’s definitely a little bit odd and it makes you take a double look at where you are at, but you end up getting used to it. After visiting the baths, a few of us decided to venture off and visit the Jane Austen Museum. That was pretty much an English Major’s dream come true and it was so much FUN! The pictures I got from it was certainly worth every single penny I spent on that ticket. After that, we ventured around a bit more and found a cute little market festival thing, we spent some time in a cafe, and visited the Abbey. The day ended with another long bus ride home, (good news I STILL didn’t puke) an extravagant meal of chicken nuggets, and then a binging of Love Island.

The people that I have met on this trip make every single moment spent here all the more amazing. I have never laughed so much and had such a blast roaming around in streets we are not familiar with, watching shows were I have no idea what they are saying, or even emergency shoe fixing situations.

Cheers to some of the best times of my life with some of the absolute best people!



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