Tudor Tutorial with my Tutor – A Toot Cubed If You Will

Today, I beat an enemy that has plagued me for over two weeks now. This enemy, cruel in its nature, was truly a spawn of Satan. This wretched, horrid enemy has brought me many nightmares and sleepless nights. This creation, ungodly in form, was conceived from the mind of a truly evil woman. This puss on humanity was finally destroyed in an all-day battle, an epic, which I shall pass on to my children in song. This, this, creature is incomprehensible and indescribable. Laughing, mocking, taunting, jeering my every failure, my every misstep. But no longer! This day. This day I fought. I battled. This day was truly, my independence day.

The enemy that I speak of, of course, was my last tutorial paper.

Okay, but in all serious-ness, I did this to myself and I actually kind of loved it. I’m just being dramatic because this is who I am. Sorry.

I was so excited to get to learn more about one of my favorite time periods, Tudor England. My one regret (besides not getting to take a class with Pam Coke before she went on sabbatical during my last semester on campus) was not branching out and taking more history classes. Which you may think is a bit of an odd lament for an English major, but I think it’s impossible to separate the humanities and we shouldn’t try to make it seem like we can. You can’t talk about literature without discussing the people who wrote the novels you love and wondering about the world they lived in. But I guess if I forget my liberal arts education bias you could say the same thing about math and science as well. It’s impossible to completely separate the people from their work and they’re all worth talking about.

Now please enjoy the awesome view of the campus I’ve been hiding on all day to finish my tutorial paper!


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