My Eyes Aren’t “Glistening with the ghost of my past”

Lucky Me! Even though I turned the wrong transfer credit form to the office, but I found that before heading towards England. So, I got the chance to do Harry Potter things instead of some other things I am not familiar.

The fog that circled Venneit Close always reminds of the impressions of England which I draw from Harry Potter. Whenever I sit in front of the window and try to find the evidence from books to support my thesis, the streetlight shines with the cloudy sky as background, I am always looking forward to seeing a person with deluminator or a cat. As for the cat, I thought Ron and Harry are definitely not the cat person, or they probably would pat the cat which showed up in their first Transfiguration class, then they would surprisingly find that the cat turned into their professor—they are lucky as well.

This week is not quite tense, so I got more time to think about my paper and found something interesting. My tutor is super lovely. She made a lot of research on Witchcraft-related things. She is in the Keble College, which a little bit of far away, but it worthy me of walking 30 minutes to get to there. Her office was hidden behind a white door with black “arms”, with flowers blooming outside—everything in the Keble College is mysterious.


Also, there is an Alice shop next to the Christ College. A tiny little shop with tons of Alice things there, I would highly suggest that shop! Stay here with lovely people, sit in the beautiful library, I am nearly bursting into tears—no, I would not do it until the last day!


The world is bitter/ but you are strawberry flavour (I know it is cliché, but I only have this one)

My eyes are undoubtedly “Glistening with the happiness for now”.



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