Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens. Sike this is a blog (about expectations) by Reagan

As the fourth week of being in Oxford moves along (I cannot believe this time has passed by so quickly), I have been reflecting a bit on what coming here has meant to me. I will say, this experience has been a lot different from what I expected. To tell you the truth, I really don’t know what I expected. I think I had something in mind of constantly sitting in tea shops and in the libraries, taking pictures like I was at Hogwarts the whole time, being out 24/7, and traveling around all over the place. (I also thought Oxford would be more like a traditional university’s campus, instead of so spread out over the entire town.)

The reality is, I get up late after a night with friends, groggily pull myself out of bed to get coffee, do whatever might or might not be on the agenda for CSU that day, and muddle through some journal articles/books to write my tutorial papers. I have not spent much time in the libraries, admittedly, because frankly I like to snack when I work, and they don’t let you do that here for whatever reason. Come on, I’m American, I’m obsessed with food, let me eat a freaking sandwich. Also, the Bodleian Libraries wifi isn’t chill. So when I’m not hunting down a book in the Radcliffe Science Library, I’ll spend the day in a cafe, or in the sun room in my flat, doing work (or not) with a few friends around. I have also consumed far too much cider here, and may or may not have gotten too lit in the Oxford pubs and clubs on separate occasions. We’ve seen London, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Windsor Castle, Shakespeare plays, and explored Oxford a bit, but other than that I’ve mostly just been hanging out around my home bases of Trinity Street and George Street.

I truthfully would not have it any other way. I have made such amazing friendships out here and had some wonderful conversations, and have had opportunities to visit with old friends, too. I’ve learned a lot through my tutorial about topics that are essential to my future. (Specifically these papers are on anxiety disorders, focusing on phobias and PTSD, and psychopathy, which has been insanely cool. Go psych majors, all 2 of us!) Though I have not really had conversations with many British people, the friends from CSU and other study abroad programs I have made are so amazing, and these are the kinds of things I’ll remember most, over any traveling or otherwise touristy excursion.

And, I had a full English Breakfast. So you could say I’m doing pretty well for myself.

Note: no I haven’t read Great Expectations even though I own it and referenced it in the title sorry everyone I’m no English student :/


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