The Addiction

Hi my name is Sydney and I’m a carboholic.

“Hi Sydney,” chorus the others, because I know I’m not the only one who has developed an addiction during our short time in Oxford (here’s looking at you Cole 😉 ).


Most parents worry about their children getting hooked on more heinous things such as cigarettes or alcohol, but no… my drug of choice is baguettes.

To set the scene: just a few short weeks ago we stumbled into Sainsbury’s for the first time to attempt to do some British grocery shopping. As I dragged my tired self around the store I began to worry that grocery shopping would prove to be far too expensive, and that I would run out of money for food during our five week stay. And then low and behold, tucked away in all their soft, delicious glory, I saw them.

Baguettes. Only 80p a piece!


It was all over from there. I wish I could tell you I was joking, but I’ve consumed at least a full baguette per day since being here and these things are not small. Each one is a bit taller than the average toddler, but I. Can’t. Help. Myself. If I eat any more I’m probably going to turn into a baguette, but hey that’s just an occupational hazard of being a poor, starving college student living within walking distance of her dealer (Sainsbury’s).

Since convincing Madi to take the pictures for this lovely blog post I’ve probably consumed upwards of five additional baguettes. I know, I’m impressed too. We didn’t set up an official tally at the beginning of the program for how much bread each of us has eaten, but let me assure you if this was a competition, I would be winning.

Please send help ;P



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