Sorry haters, I’m not dying of malnutrition just yet.

When embarking on this study abroad trip, I thought the hardest part of it all was going to be getting used to being away from my family. Or perhaps, keeping up with my studies. Heck, even dressing appropriately for the weather. But I was wrong. The hardest part of this whole study abroad trip is figuring out what to eat!! I genuinely do not think I have ever eaten so poorly in my entire life. And believe me, that is quite the statement. I think my main source of nutrition has been coming from straight up bread. Nothing else. But honestly…it’s so hard to eat here. It’s so tempting to want to go out to dinner every night, but if you listen closely you can hear my wallet weeping. So okay eating out every night isn’t an option, so what about cooking at home? Great question I’m glad you asked! Well here’s the thing, there are four of us girls living in one space, and we have a fridge the size of a college dorm mini fridge, so buying enough food to make a sustainable few meals is kind of difficult.

But, I have somewhat gotten the grip of things. I am able to buy some really delicious premade cheap salads, at my second home of Tesco, and I have gotten the opportunity to eat some seriously amazing fruit. The fruit here is insane! It’s so sweet and juicy. I am probably going to miss the produce here more than anything else. So sorry haters! I’m still eating fruit and lettuce so I won’t be dying from malnutrition just yet!

But in the end, if a few bumps in the road over food is my biggest problem, I am still living quite the life. I am loving each moment I am here more and more every second. I cannot believe it’s almost over!

Now help me reminisce on some of the seriously yummy things I’ve had the opportunity to indulge in since being here.



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