Boy, Was I a Fool in School for Cutting Gym

Am I getting old or am I just out of shape? Probably the latter…

Shortly after one of our class sessions, during which we gathered around in a circle to discuss my boy Willie Shakes’ The Tempest– a personal favorite of mine, I heard the legend of a cool tower. I was naturally intrigued as it’s not often that I encounter towers back home. Everyone started to talk about the tower behind our classroom and like the sheep I am, decided to investigate what all the hullabaloo was about with them. Though as I was making my way to the stairs I heard Maddi and Isaac start saying that the view was worth the climb. I thought they meant like two or three flights of stairs, I was horribly mistaken.

I made my way to the first set of stairs and I thought, “psh, what babies this is nothing!”

Then I got to the second set of stairs, “okay maybe this is a little rough”

Finally I arrived at a tiny slit in the wall which served as a door. After ducking in, I encountered the slimmest and shortest steps that lead to the top of the building several flights up. The real kicker being the close walls that only allowed for people to go in a single file.

With my lungs burning with the intensity of 22 years worth of regret, I kept humming “To Be a Man” from Mulan. The view was absolutely worth the climb, but boy was I a fool in school for cutting gym.


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