Hamlet spit on me

I cannot believe it has already been almost 3 weeks here in Oxford – time is moving by way too quickly. Aparna, if you’re reading this, you’re going to regret giving me, a very sentimental and emotional human, an outlet in the form of a blog the next time I post. Yo, it’s not my fault if we all start crying. If I see a blog, I’m gonna dump ALL of my emotions on that.

Anyway, being here has been such a rewarding time. Out of all of my experiences here so far, I would have to say that by far the most captivating moment has been seeing Hamlet up close at the Globe in London. It was so emotional and raw to be able to see right up against the stage. Veins were popping out of temples, spit was flying out of the actors’ mouths (hence this blog’s title), tears were falling down cheeks. None of that was visible by our seats, so standing there during the performance was absolutely incredible.

During the performance, however, it was actually difficult for me to stand the whole time because I’ve been dealing with some weird health stuff that I’m not really sure what it is. I felt sort of lightheaded and off for the performance, as well as in the past week, but I stood anyway because I felt it was worth it. This brings me to my next point, though, and hopefully some of my classmates will read this and keep this in mind for the rest of the time here: Yes, experiencing things is so great, but only to a certain extent because YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! It can be so hard to not feel like you’re missing out by taking a breather when you’re tired, or sitting out on going out when you are not 100%, but it is so important. This trip has reminded me of that – I have not been taking proper care of myself, even back home, and a lot of that has to do with my stress levels being consistently through the roof.

Being here can be stressful at times, though I am thankful for every moment, but being in a new place, traveling around, and studying at Oxford can really add to the pressure. It’s important to factor in those moments where you take care of yourself, even if you are traveling – No, ESPECIALLY when you are traveling. It’s okay to sit in bed and read a book, or to sit alone in a coffee shop and have a meditative moment or two. It is okay to sleep. You aren’t going to miss out – you’ll just make those moments where you are living it up that much more enjoyable. This goes for the rest of life too, my friends. X


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