The Galloping Moments

Finished this blog on the basement floor of Bodleian Library, and surrounded by the silence of this room, I feel a little bit of relief. It is already one week since the day when I arrived in England. Even though I never been to here before, the familiar weather– foggy, rainy even a bit of coldness sometimes, always reminds me of my hometown; some pieces of stories which related to this Kingdom also flash through my mind.

For all the places I visited, I love the scenery of the New College most. It is said that both Harry Potter and Alice in the Wonderland were shot here while I just found the place for Harry Potter. I always take these two series of books as the very one which influenced my lot in my life. Have this opportunity of being a student (ok, associate student) here just makes me feel I am getting closer to my fancy dreams.

(the dream for me now is to find the garden for Alice in the Wonderland which probably located in the New College, or maybe it is just a rumor)


Also, for hanging out around Stratford-upon-Avon for a day, I just feel so blissful of chatting with people around me and sitting next to the roof of the theatre to watch the play of King Lear. Hiding in the dark with my friends, chatting with each other, with feet swing here and there—is the thing that I always do with my friends when I was young; and rushed to the train station with a couple of people on the empty street. Just don’t know why I always to record those tiny things. But it does makes me feel extremely happy.

(I am really a selfie-person while I just have one or two now—the thing which I have to keep on going)



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