Why am I cryin’ in da club right now?

Okay, so really the only tears that I have to touch on was from all of the laughter that was had during some of our first few nights out on the town in our wonderful temporary home. Ideally, there is no other people that I would rather be with, but there were members missing from our dance crew (@Oxfam, you know who you are and I am actually crying over that-live with that knowledge I guess), so they will just have to come through to the next outing, we missed y’all tons.

The festivities started after we all got back from the regatta and (lack of) bump races, we went to get ready in our own individual ways, mine being a 4-hour binge of RuPaul’s Drag Race accompanied by my close colleagues, complete and utter alone time, and a bin of macaroni and cheese. Let queens be queens and consult with me via appointment on what pre-club regiment. After jamming to “The Middle” at least 7 times on repeat, I got all dressed up to fully indulge at Italia Bella with Reagan, Madi, Sydney and Isaac, where we were treated to moderately decent pasta dishes and, of course, alc. Three cheers for the 18-year-old drinking age, am I right???

After paying our bill, we departed the restaurant to meet up with members of our Venneit Close family consisting of Anna, Kira, Rachel and Tiffany and made our way down town (walking fast, faces passed) to Atik night club.

Once inside, we quickly realized we were the literal first people there and actually beat the DJ to the scene. Time was passed wih at least a few vodka cranberries and me referencing vines that y’all have probably heard an inappropriate amount of times. You chose this trip and now have to deal with the consequences of your actions, sorry I’m not funny any more and the luster has officially worn off.

FINALLY THE DJ MADE IT AFTER AN HOUR OF MAKING US WAIT (do you know how may vodka crans that is?!). Y’all, it was such a good time to be able to just dance, laugh, and not give a darn about what everyone else thought of us for a hot second and enjoy this amazing city we have been put into. You are all such treasures to be spending this life-altering experience with and have learned so much about what exceptionally fun, hilarious, beautiful and intelligent people you all are, but that is every day with this group, so thank you at least a billion.

❤ the amount of love and support I feel from y’all actually has me cryin’ in da club and am forever grateful for meeting you amazing humans.

-Mr. Worldwide-OXFAM resident gay-Bronze medal recipient OSAP Meme extraordinaire competition-


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