Inducted into Hogwarts…finally!

Although Oxford is teeming with fantastically gorgeous buildings and a vibrant history, perhaps, most Americans, in particular, are familiar with world-renowned film series Harry Potter. Well, interestingly enough, many scenes within these films were shot in several of the colleges and libraries throughout Oxford. Unlike some of my group, I was completely unaware of this very intriguing fact. I know, some Harry Potter fan I am. However, akin to many Harry Potter fans, I did wait…and…wait…for my acceptance letter at the youthful age of 11. Unfortunately, I then had to experience the heart-crushing disappointment and realization that maybe I really am just a muggle. I did war with myself and think “maybe it just got misplaced in the mail?” However, as all Harry Potter fans know, owls don’t quite work that way. I mean look at the influx of mail Harry, himself, received.

But, after the anguishing years of extreme patience and forbearance, I finally made it to being inducted into the closest thing to Hogwarts I can imagine AKA the Bodleian Library. When inducted into the Bodleian, you must pledge an oath to not bring any fire into ANY of the buildings, and surprisingly, to not borrow any of the books. Apparently, even one of the Kings of England’s request to borrow a book was politely refused. After receiving my very special piece of plastic, I ascended the stairs to one of the various rooms and caught a glimpse of the Hogwarts I always imagined. Ha! Take that misplaced owls! I snuck in, after all!


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