Deliciously Romantic Scones

A small group of us decided to arise early on the day we were scheduled to see King Lear in Stratford-upon-Avon. We jumped on the 10:39 train and after a couple of connections were dumped in Shakespeare’s place of origin. A quaint little town with some lovely spots for pictures. However, we did not come early for pictures per say, we had a very different first mission in mind. Our mission: Cream Tea! After a bit of a walk, we happened upon the wooded trail to Anne Hathaway’s cottage—for those of you, like me, who do not know this is the cottage of Shakespeare’s wife.

Sitting down, we removed the very un-picturesque lunch trays and set up our tea set. We smothered our scones in clotted cream and jam, prepared our tea and felt very classy and British indeed. Although like true aristocrats, we avoided unsavory topics in our conversation concerning the larger world, we did have some fine conversation pertaining to romance and food preferences while munching on our rich scones. Even though my tea-partaking comrades still disagree, I will still maintain that one must never mix sweet and salty things!

After, our little brunch, we decided to continue in the British fashion and take a little stroll through the woods. With the densely packed trees, and river running near the path we felt like we had entered a truly magical forest. We could have been little hobbits wandering through the shire after being nicely sated with our lovely luncheon.


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